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AWD Electric Bike Beach and Desert Tour

Why settle for an electric bike that is single wheel drive when you can get one with dual motors, which means it's twice as powerful and has no limits to accessing any type of terrain? This monster can carry a total of 400 pounds not including the bike. With its double suspension, it reaches up to 2200 watts of maximum power. No other tour operator in the world offers all these features in an electric bike. And best of all, only cactus offers the unparalleled opportunity to ride it on the beautiful beaches and dunes of Migriño.

Style: BICI

Equipment: Safe Gear, helmet, gloves.

Amenities: Delicious Beef Tacos, al pastor and chicken with flavored fresh drinking water.

On Board Service: Includes roundtrip transportation, certified guide, optional collision insurance will be offered at check-in,

Additional comments: Does not include tips for the staff


Reservation info:
It is reserved with 50% in advance.
The balance is settled when boarding the unit.

Cancellation Policies:
There are no refunds of the deposit in any cancellation.
No show - no refund.
Changes or cancellations may be made due to bad weather.

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